We are the official distributor of RRD in Russia

Оборудование RRD

RRD kite equipment is available in online store in Moscow
www.rrd-russia.ru with the delivery option within Russia.

Outside Russia you can make the order at http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/.

If you thinking about byuing your own gear that means you became a professional kiteborder and there is no way back 🙂

We are happy to offer you the best Italian brand new kites with bars, boards, wetsuits and harnesses. Bright and stylish design is very well known in the surf community together with the high quality and comfortable riding skills.

Оборудование RRD новые кайты

Besides this, RRD offers loyal prices and seasonal special offers for the kiters all over the world.

Happy Kite school is the official dealer of RRD kite equipment which you can test at every our location and sells it with the 10% discount for Happy Kite guests.

Оборудование RRD бигролл

For windersurfers and surfers RRD offers the whole line of boards, sails and SUP boards for all riding disciplines.

Also, check our store for the stylish and fancy surfing cloths and accessorizes!


Оборудование RRD вэйврайдинг