Happy Kite Школа Греция

Happy Kite Russia is located in Azov sea, at Dolzhanskaya bay bar in Krasnodar area. This spot has been famous among surfers for many years and suits perfectly for making your first steps in kiteboarding.

The bay has shallow flat water and wide riding space for safe classes and training. The season starts in May and ends in September, although wetsuits are required for the whole summer period.

Location: Dolzhanskaya bay, Russia
Available: June-September
Call us: +7 988 471 53 55
Email us: russia@vetratoria.ru
Adress: Dolzhanskaya bay, Russia
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The center offers all essentials for comfortable time spent at the spot: pumping compressor, big launching, drying and parking areas, storage and chilling zone.
Besides kitesurfing we play volleyball, rent SUP boards, make parties and BBQs – its fun and alive like at every Happy Kite!



Tatiana Burnashevskaya

School manager Happy Kite Dahab


Olga Murye

Manager, instructor


Adiel Cunego



Stas Kulyas



Dmitry Shmatov



Yaroslav Byshovets



Sergey Koksharov



Ekaterina Shabunina

School manager Happy Kite Dahab


Обучение кайтсерфингу начального и продвинутого уровня

Kiteboarding lessons for any level. Beginners and advanced riders

Happy Kite offers brand new Italian RRD equipment for rent and sale to provide the best services while learning or playing kiteboarding. Each center has kites from 3 up to 13 m sizes, big and small kite boards, harnesses and wetsuits.

Happy Kite Школа Россия


Kite school

Individual 3 hours class on the water is 3000 RUR, individual 1 hour class on the water is 3500 RUR, individual 1 hour class on the beach is 2700 RUR. Group classes: half-day set for 2,5 hours is for 5000 RUR. 1 hour class on the water is 2500 RUR. 1 hour class on the beach is 2000 RUR. Unlimited kite camp for 7 days is 25000 RUR (in case of many non-windy days the re-calculation will be made accordingly).

Happy Kite Школа: Прокат Оборудования


Rental & storage

1 hour = 2000 RUR / 3 hours = 5000 RUR / 1 day = 6000 RUR. Storage services: 1 day = 500 RUR / 1 week = 2500 RUR

Happy Kite Школа Греция: виндсерфинг



Those who would like to combine kite classes with windsurfing are welcome to our comfortable partner windsurfing centers Vetratoria. RRD equipment for rent and sale and windsurfing lessons from 2000 RUR/hour. For more information – follow www.russia.vetratoria.ru.



The best option at Dolzhanskaya bay is the surf campus named “Surf Priyut”.

The campus is located right on the bay and suits perfectly for family vacations with kids. The rooms are surrounded with a prestine sandy beach and are just 200 meters away from the sea. The rooms are equipped with AC, fridge and TV.


rrd-shop_en Rental and sales of a new equipment of the famous Italian brand RRD!
1) Rent a kite only – minus 30% from the price list
2) Rent a board only – minus 60% from the price list
3) Change kite/board sizes – free of charge
4) Rent price reduces while rent time increases
1) Storage for your own gear – from 10 euro per day
2) Big discounts for the rent from 1 month and longer
3) Launching and landing assistance on the beach
4) Storage includes center's service with Wi-FI, pump, shower, etc.
1) The price for discover kite class is $60 per hour
2) Corporate discounts for all Happy Kite and Vetratoria clients
3) Brand new RRD equipment from the latest collection
4) Always best service and walking distance from Happy Kite
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