Happy Kite Crew

Happy Kite: Наша Команда

Happy Kite Team is a group of professionals who passionly addicted to kiteboarding and masterpeicing thier skills every day for a perfect result.

We believe that through our passion we give our students the best teaching quality and safe experience. With the key focus to this we trust our skills and knowledge to devote your life to an amazing kiteboarding world!

Happy Kite Команда: Сергей НауменкоSergey Naumenko
In kiteboarding: since 2011
Discipline: wave, freestyle
Spots: Vietnam, Greece, Egypt, Shri-Lanka

Sergey is a sport person since long time ago and had tried different sports like snowboarding, mountain skiing, motor riding, parasailing and few others. But kiteboarding had become his favourite since he tried it for the first time. After it had happened he left his business life in Moscow and started teaching and travelling around the world and sharing his new passion with people.

“Kiteboarding — is a life, an opportunity to travel to many amazing places and meet amazing people. I am happy I can move with my students for a whole winter season to Vietnam or stay all summer long in Greece. Wherever you go, you take your kite with you and enjoy it again and again.”

Besides kiteboarding: wave surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, mountain skiing

Tatiana Burnashevskaya
Senior Manager
In kiteboarding: since 2013
Discipline: freeride, freestyle
Spots: Egypt, Vietnam, Zanzibar

I fell in love with the wind around 7 years ago being a windsurfer. Few years later i decided to try kitebaording and became a kitesurfer. I was dreaming about living on a beach in a windy place in everlasting summer. Thus I came to Dahab and discovered my small paradise here, so my dream came really true!

“Kiteboarding …is fun! And freedome! And big emotions that you feel stepping forward every time. And its also a great kite-community and amazing people that i meet on the way!”

Besides kiteboarding on the non-windy days Tanya is practicing her design and drawing skills meanwhile growing plums and flowers. At winter time prefers mountain skiing.

Happy Kite Команда: Екатерина ШабунинаEkaterina Shabunina
In kiteboarding: since 2009
Discipline: freeride, freestyle
Spots: Egypt, Russia, Ukraine

When i tried kiteboarding for the first time it was snowing in a far away north part of Russia. But the more I loved it the closer to the sea i was moving. Finally i reached my destination at Happy Kite Dahab and felt here as at home…))

“Kiteboarding — is a lifestyle. It is interflowing with the nature, becoming friends with the envoirement and unlimit feeling of happiness! For me its the great opportunity for self – evolution!”

Besides kiteboarding, Kate is riding mountain skiis and snowboard and discovering freediving world.

Vladimir Sliva
In kiteboarding: since 2013
Discipline: freeride, freestyle
Spots: Ukraine, Egypt, Armenia

Before i hated summer time and prefered snowy winter and enjoying mountain skiing and snowboarding. But one day a friend of mine invited me to try kitesufing and i agreed without any expectations or enthusiasm. But all is changed since few first minutes of riding – i felt the wind magic and water freedom and realized that summer can bring a lot of adrenaline in your life!

“Kiteboarding — is unlimited improvements and discovers! Its travelling and opportunity to ride all year around – in winter and summer time, so kiteboarding is a universal sport that you can do whatever and wherever.”

Besides kiteboarding: Vova is a universal solder and expressing his instructor skills in mountain skiing, snowbaording and wakebaording. Also at freetime he is diving with the baloons and discovering Red sea world.

Happy Kite Команда: Дмитрий ШматовDmitry Shmatov
In kitesurfing: since 2007
Disciplines: freestyle, wave. Champion of Russian Wave contest
Spots: Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine

Since long time ago i was sailing windsurfing and i tried a kite just for fun to ride my snowboard in the new places. I was so freezed and realized that kiteboarding is a sport for summer So first i mastered twintip board and practiced freestyle tricks. But then i quit and became insane about waves and since that perfecting my wave freestyle skills!

“Kitesurfing — is an opportunity to catch the waves without paddling ? Unlike the flat water – every wave is specific and your every slide is unique!”

Besides kitesurfing: Dima is spending a lot of time for perfecting his wave riding skills. He participates and winning many kitesurfing contests in Russia and Vietnam and organizes kite clinics. Besides this he is a real master of shisha

Happy Kite Команда: Алексей БогомоловAlexey Bogomolov
In kitesurfing: since 2014
Desciplines: freestyle, wake-freestyle
Spots: Egypt, Sri-Lanka, Russia, Zanzibar

I had my bar in Crimea and by lucky chance shared the rented building with the kite school We were friendly neighbours and for my complimentary drinks guys were teaching me kiteboarding. I love it immidietly so thus it started New spots, new people, different gear, kite community. Finally i reached Happy Kite…

“Kiteboarding — is… a travel! While instructoring i ve been travelling a lot and saw many seas and oceans and keep on discovering new places!”

Besides kiteboarding: Alex is a real travel lover! Wherever he goes, his trip is perfectly organized for himself and his friends. An interesting route and safe advanture is guaranteed!

Victor Rura
IKO Instructor
In kiteboarding: since 2014
Disciplines: freeride, freestyle
Spots: Ukraine, Egypt, Ireland

I got familiar with kitesurfing here, in Dahab. Once i saw it for the first time, i signed for a beginners course immediately. Here at Happy Kite club 🙂 And i was the fastest student in the history getting up on the board in the middle of the 6h course. I decided to buy my own gear as fast as decided to devote myself to be a kitesurfer… All my thoughts were dreaming about the wind. Dahab became a home spot for me and i was training really hard for the few years. Time flies and now i am certified instructor myself and enjoy couching others. I am a competitive rider and  professional trainer on the best place on Earth – Dahab. My passion became my profession and i am happy to share it every day!

Olga Murye
Managing director, IKO instructor Level 2
In kitesurfing: since 2012
Disciplines: wave, freeride, freestyle
Spots: Vietnam, Greece, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Lithuania

I was dreaming about moving to Dahab and one day I got the offer to join Happy Kite team. With no doubts i left my business life in Moscow and 5 years of windsurfing behind and decided to become a kitesurfer. I was learning from the scratch, mostly by myself or shadowing pro-riders? Many crashes and looses I left behind as well before I reached my result and enjoyed my sessions. It was 2012… In a year came my first freestyle tricks, downwind experience and first classes as an instructor. One more year later I became really crazy about waves and kiteSURFING.. With no skills I bought my wave board and started practicing.. Then the wave spots were on my travel list – Vietnam, Greece, Indonesia..

“Kitesurfing — is… you! Its a part of you and your life and your character. A sport where you have unlimit boarders for perfection! Freedom and perfection.”

Besides kiteboarding: Olga is perfecting her acril and pastel painting skills, likes fishing and yoga practice and since last year – freediving!

Nikolay Dubenko
In kiteboarding: since 2004
Disciplines: wake-freestyle
Spots: Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam

In the past i was occupied with building houses in Ukraine but one day i found myself at windsurfing school and was captured by the sport and freedom spirit. That time a new sport kiteboarding was starting to grow very actively and i tried it! Sonce that its my life, my destiny and my occupation for more than 8 years..

“Kiteboarding is… the opportunity for the constant growing up, gaining new experince and share it with others!”

Besides kite: Nikolay is a talented chief and really good at cooking, speccially his grilled dishes are very much liked by his friends. Additionally to this Nik is chief medical specialist for the kite equipment in Dahab and treats the patients with the very complicated cases

Happy Kite Команда: Ярослав БышовецYaroslav Byshovets
In kiteboarding: since 2011
Disciplines: freestyle
Spots: Ukraine, Egypt

I was sizing up the kite for a long time and finally it happened. It was summer time and i was free and a friend of mine invited me to spend this time at his kite center. I started learining it with the future focus of teaching it ? After first summer season i understood that i will not have a free or borring summer anymore… I decieded to move to Egypt where summer is all year around and found my ideal conditions at Happy Kite.

“Kitesurfing — is… a feeling of fly as a bird! Kite is a rope that is pulling you up to the skies!”

Besides kite: Yaroslav is also an experienced instructor of mountain skiing for many years, wiring music, making videos and travelling