Happy Inn hotel – apartments by the kite lagoon

Happy Kite: Happy Inn hotel

We are happy to offer you the apartments in our building hotel Happy Inn that is located just behind the Hapy Kite center. The hotel is not completely built so far and the two wings are ready for the usage (20 rooms) only.

Due to this the price for the rooms is very loyal – 20 and 30 euro per night(pre-check seasonal rates).

Happy Kite: Happy Inn hotel view

The rooms are completely comfortable, 36 meters, include air condition, fridge, TV, new furniture, shower, balcony. For catering we can offer the kitchen and washing machine, where you can cook yourself or order the delivery from the city. But, note – the most amazing thing that you can live at the kite sport and don’t loose any time – just get up and ride!

Please contact us: booking@happy-hotel.ru

Happy Kite: Happy Inn hotel volleball