happy kite dahab

happy kite dahab

happy kite dahab


Happy Kite Dahab is located right on the spot, at the closed kite lagoon which is an ideal place for beginners. The lagoon has flat water, deep and shallow areas, easy entrance and a wide beach line. Advanced riders will also enjoy the area, perfect for learning new tricks in the best wind statistics in the world, around 90% of windy days annually.

Our kite center operates all year round but the best seasons are Spring and Autumn. Summer and Winter seasons are changing from year to year and require wearing wet suits or special lycra clothing.

Location: Dahab, Egypt
Available: year-round
Call us: + 2 0106 056 1912
Email us: manager@happy-kite.com
Adress: Happy Inn Hotel, Dahab, Sharm-el-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt
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Spot and facilities.
We provide pump compressor, fresh water, wet and dry zones, storage. Hot shower, WC, wi-fi and also nice chillout area with free coffe, tea or cool water on your taste. The sandy beach area is partially covered with shells and stones so wet shoes might be a good thing to have with you.

For Pro-riders.
Dahab offers a few advanced spots and downwind routes.
One of the famous wave spots is also located just 80 km away from Dahab and easily reached in a 1 hour car ride.
Another famous spot called Blue Lagoon by the locals, is only 30 km away and 1 hour distance by boat. An extremely beautiful, flat water kite lagoon; perfect for training new tricks and improving riding skills.

No wind – no problem.
We organize many safari trips, for our guests, to distant locations. And help them enjoy new spots, providing BBQ dinners, fire place and watching the desert skies.



Tatiana Burnashevskaya

School manager Happy Kite Dahab


Olga Murye

Manager, IKO instructor


Adiel Cunego

IKO instructor


Stas Kulyas



Dmitry Shmatov



Yaroslav Byshovets



Sergey Koksharov



Ekaterina Shabunina

School manager Happy Kite Dahab


Kiteboarding lessons for any level. Beginners and advanced riders

Kiteboarding lessons for any level. Beginners and advanced riders

You will enjoy your holidays with special designed individual learning program.


6 hours beginner course

6 hours beginner course contains: theory, equipment set up, piloting skills, safety systems, practice (body dragiing and water start).

Individual cost is 280 euro/person and group cost is 220 euro/person.


9 hours beginner course

9 hours beginner course includes: 6 hours package plus transition and upwind skills. Individual cost is 380 euro/person and group cost is 320 euro/person.


3 hours course

3 hours course costs 150 euro/person and includes: theory, basic piloting skills and body dragging. The 3 hours course is also might be considered as a refreshment option or skills upgrade.


1 hour discover course

1 hour discover course is 50 euro and depends on your skills: you can try piloting basics, upgrade your current skills or discover downwind trips.

Happy Kite Школа: Прокат Оборудования


Equipment rent:

1 hour = 30? / 3 hours = 50? / 1 day = 60? / 2 days = 100? / 3 days = 150? / 4 days = 180? / 1 week = 270? / 10 days = 350? / 2 weeks = 490? / 3 weeks = 630? / 4 weeks = 700?

Equipment insurance (optional): 1 hour = 10? / 1 day = 10? / 2 days = 15? / 3 days = 20? / 1 week = 30? /10 days = 35?. In case of non-insured equipment damages the repairing services are the subject to the client’s costs

To rent a kite only: -30%, a board only -60%. During your session you can change/adjust the kite/board size according to the wind conditions without any extra charges.

Happy Kite Школа: Хранилка


Storage and center services

1 day = 10? / 1 week = 35?
Storage and center services: pumping compressor, landing/launching assistance, washing/dry areas, Wi-Fi no limits, as well as shower, safety lockers, chilling area, soft drinks and nice company :).

Happy Kite Школа: Виндсерфинг



Those who would like to combine kite classes with windsurfing are welcome to our comfortable partner windsurfing centers Vetratoria. RRD equipment for rent and sale and windsurfing lessons from 50 euro/hour. For more information – follow www.vetratoria.ru.



Happy Inn hotel – apartments by the kite lagoon!

We offer apartments for rent in our building kite camp just 5 m away from Happy Kite school. Comfortable, equipped rooms by a special price for our guests